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ABOUT NXTMobility Energy Pvt. Ltd.

NXTMobility Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a technology enabled company that focuses on converting innovation in wheels with a motive to power wheels.  Introducing the Best Electric Scooter in India, ongoing change in the transformation era demands futuristic mobility for clean energy. With perfect combination of design and technology in electric two-wheelers, we are the manufacturer and provider of green modes of travel across integrated services in the era of big data.  Actively involved in innovation of great virtue with one heart, leading the era of automation, interconnection, electrification and sharing range of Electric Scooter in India

Mission, Vision & Principle of Our Moving Company

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Our Mission

To inspire a more rational, wiser shift for everyday commuters and their lifestyles, and to be a brand in the electric vehicle market that people desire to own.

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Our Vision

Establish NXTE as a brand providing end to end e mobility solutions. With a mission driving message of clean India, we drive power for the future with innovation. Striving across with technology, comfort and reliability.

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What Makes NXTE different from Other Company

With latest advanced INTELLIGENT Technology+ E-vehicles, we provide smart and safe connectivity on the go. NXTMobility is an idea, an idea for providing a clean and green future and bringing the eco-friendly range of Electric Scooter in IndiaTurning this idea into reality, NXTMobility has developed a research & innovation centre where our research experts are working towards developing innovative and sustainable products. 

The ongoing era of transformation in Indian Mobility for a sustainable future has created opportunities to think beyond mobility and renovate. NXTMobility energy has been formed by known industry leaders with a motive to contribute towards a sustainable futurea

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NXTMobility is driven by a team of experts that comes with a diversified decades of experience into the automobile industry.

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NXTMobility Energy Pvt.Ltd. is a technology enabled company that focuses on converting innovation in wheels with a motive to power wheels.

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Research & Development

Company has dedicated tech and research partners, striving across developing new and advanced technology features for smart rides.