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NXTMobility Energy Pvt.Ltd. is a technology enabled company that focuses on converting innovation in wheels with a motive to power wheels. Ongoing change in the transformation era demands futuristic mobility for clean energy.

Our R & D centers focus on the look and feel of our vehicles, while investing in safety, efficiency and performance, manufacturing the best electric scooter in India is our aim.

We have adopted the latest and most advanced technology in our vehicles to provide users with the mobility driving experience. With the latest technology integrated in our vehicles users can experience the safest driving experience, with I.O.T. enabled salient features one can map the performance and gradeability of the vehicles. Technology at its pace has been taken well care of at NXTMobility where the company has invested more on technology part, having technology partnership with global tech companies the company is working towards attaining new height in technology for electric scooter in India.


  • Ideation at NXTMobility is always at priority with decades and global research being practiced to develop innovative product companies that have developed Customized and dependable Solutions.
  • NxtMobility will be having an exclusive partnership with leading technology provider in terms of providing technical and backend support for IOT tech integrations. We aim to create futuristic mobility drive by bringing a change in driving experience by providing reliable and dependable mobility that can be trusted upon.